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Istrolid Update 0.46.7

Oct 14, 2017

New parts and changes


A weapon mod that reduces the speed of a projectile by 8% and the energy consumption by 25%

Orb Launcher

A light, long range projectile with an arming phase. Useful for bombardment against slow enemies. Able to strike heavily point-defended enemies, as it is not a missile.

Demispinal and Spinal Changes

A lighter spinal that gives +250m range, for $10 and 15T. Spinal now gives +500m range for $20 and 40T. Spinal range bonus now applies after the % bonus from weapon mods, reducing max ranges with range mods.

Emp Warhead

An EMP Warhead and nerfs to current explosive warhead

Speed Coils

Changed effect scale. Has linear increase. Increases speed by 60%.


Now circles in place when it has no target, rather then flying off away from the enemy.

New Engine Sizes

Larger Bulk Thruster(47$), Small Cruiser Thruster (44$)

Bulk Thruster Nerf

Below 60 m/s, bulk speeds should generally be faster. Above, they and bulk turn speed should be slower.


Bugs fixed