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Istrolid Update 0.46.8 - Important bug fixes

Oct 18, 2017

Speed Coil down to +50% from +60% bonus

Single speed coils were giving a lot of velocity, and less than 6x speed coil has quickly become common, so preserving the same extremes at 6 coils is less important. This also lowers the max velocities achievable with things like artillery stacks.

Waves now scale their power based on damage mods

With damage mods, you can now create a 'push/pull wave bomber', previously wave push/pull was unaffected by damage mods.

Quickscore displays current money, rather than earned money

Quickscore now displays the current available cash on hand, rather than the total earned over this game. This allows players to see if their enemies are saving up for a surprise rush and be confident in taking the last point and ending the game.

New effects and explosions

EMP warhead now has a zap effect so you can distinguish it from other warheads. Orb has a hit effect, and hit effects have been scaled up to be more visible.

Bug Fixes