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Istrolid Update 0.49.1

Jan 11, 2019

Artillery has long been a source of fairly swingy behaviors in the game. This is in large part because of its small, but technically AoE hit location. Rather than trying to minimize that, these changes seek to accept the area of effect, making artillery shots more rare and dramatic, therefore more dodgeable, but still very potentially powerful. PD and missiles are both rebalanced to reduce the impact on artillery from this change.

Additionally, shields and range are being changed to allow more long range spam as an option while also making it more counterable, increasing maximum range, reducing DPS at that range, and improving regeneration options.

Finally, components that are traditionally used on more expandable craft have had their price increased, as well as their health, in order to reduce the power of the most expendable versions, and increase the power of potentially re-usable options. These three things form the core of this set of balance changes.

Balance Changes


AI Updates