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Istrolid Update 0.50.3

Jun 14, 2019

Survival Mode

Introducing survival mode: battle waves and waves of enemy ships as you try to stay alive and hold the control points. You can fight either single player or multiplayer. You can add any AI or AIs you would like to survive against. The waves increase in their number and their ferocity, there is no end.

Better Fleet Screen

You can now drag and drop fleets. If you have a ton of ships in your fleet screen this will greatly help you sift and sort them.

Balances Changes

Some slight tweaks to a variety of weapons. Overall balance seems very good generally, Tesla is overperforming slightly, Artillery is a bit weak but coming into its new role, and Flamethrower and Sidewinder are having their weaknesses covered just a bit more. Overall this should open up more variety in weapon selection among the less used weapons.

Demi-spinal was overperforming a bit on fighters, this is to help keep both demi-spinal and standard fighters as valid while minimizing the impact elsewhere.

2x1 (and 1x2) Reactors had a supposed niche, but failed to shine at it as a real choice. This will bump up their space-efficiency as a battery to be higher than, well, batteries and might make them a more real choice among heavy-fighter style craft. Incidentally it helps spamming 2x1 reactors be a bit more correct of a choice for newbies.

Adv shield rarely saw use, this is a fairly significant buff that will hopefully help its role as light shielding.

Energy Transfer was fine, but was a hair weak for smaller carrier choices, this should help those very slightly.

AI Edits

Bug Fixes