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Istrolid Update 1.0.1 - Community Balance Council #2

Jun 11, 2021

Community Balance Council #2

We have run the Community balance council 2 and gotten a series of results guiding things ever so slightly towards a new and more mobile meta. Jump changes, heavy PD-able changes, and some minor tweaks are in this round. We look forward to seeing the effect on the current meta.

PD-able Adjustments

by Owlfeathers

These are a modest rework increasing the general quality of PD-able weaponry. The missile changes are somewhat contentious as high speed ‘Premium’ ships have few clear counters, but it should be within tolerances.




Phase Nerf

Inspired by blaze/nulitor

There has generally been a sentiment that phase bombs are slightly too good, but there have been mixed feelings on how to nerf it. This is a general minor nerf to damage and a slight normalization.

Phase Bomb

Jump Buff

by Owlfeathers

Jump changes seem to have been mostly in the right direction, but it seems a hair weak. The official proposal by Owl was requesting a sharper decrease to min distance, but because of the jump-delay currently present, min distance is only being reduced to 150 for now. This is a much larger buff than it seems at first, roughly improving the part by 50% for ships that just wanted a jump-turn.

Jump Drive

Other Adjustments

Other minor changes are in, including a reduction to shield capacitor Tanks while buffing them for use with Heavy Shields, and a slight reduction to Flamethrower cost.

Shield Capacitor