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Istrolid Version 0.43.31 - Buffing Fighters

Oct 30, 2016

Some significant balance changes for fighters this week. Fighters have base energy generation which means that they might be able to limp back to a charger carrier ship. They also gain a little bit of base armor. We made Speed Coils give slight range to weapons which makes them useful on small ships. Artillery and Flak got damage fall-off which means that small ships that are at the edge of the explosion don’t get as much damage. Phase Bombs and Warhead already had damage fall-off. Artillery is now worse vs fighters. Flak’s explosions got both range increase and damage increase to deal with the new fighter threat.

Base Ship Changes

Weapon Changes

Also worked on some client side particles in preparation for the flame thrower. Flame thrower did not make it in. Started work on steam integration.