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Istrolid’s Greenlight experience

Mar 7, 2016

The little sign everyone on greenlight wants to see!

It's all about the Youtubers

We are a small operation. Youtube played a big role in our green lighting. Turns out let’s plays is everything for an small indie game like we have. I think it's fair to say that

, and
, have brought more votes and people to play istrolid then there are random green light voters. Twitter, facebook, indeDB have done pretty much nothing. Writing blog posts have done pretty much nothing. So don’t waste your time doing those things focus on getting let’s plays.

How did I feel?

I read about other steam greenlightings and they say something along the lines of “We did not think we were going to make it, but then we made it through”… And I was like: how can you not know you probably had 10,000 votes! Then here I was giving up all hope, with very little votes… then BAM! I was in. It was exactly how others have predicted it, you need to lose hope before you can be greenlit. I lost all hope with a shitty looking graph. We had really good first 2 days, with ‘an’ ok 2 week period. In the end we were getting like 4 votes per day. It was miserable. And then I get message through pushbullet “Your title, “Istrolid,” has been Greenlit!” AND I WAS LIKE OMG! Thank you for reading you can play istrolid for free here: It will be on steam soon!