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Lego Battles

Apr 30, 2016

When I was young I played with lego a lot. I was like most kids building random contraption but I also liked to build fleets and armies. I would always build spaceships or tanks or robots. I would build a group of good guys and then whole army of bad guys. Then I would have massive battles where parts would fly off and a huge pile of dead carcasses would remain. These creation made by Then I even tried to create a system and rules based on WW2 table top gamesmy Dad used to play. You would measure out how far the units would move with a ruler and roll dice to see who would win. Needless to say I was kid and never gotten very far. I did not know about balance or what makes games good. My rules would change mid battle. Units from the Istrolid With Istrolid I am returning to my roots and fixing all that. I have better understanding of games. Now I have parts that fit the space ships more. Each part has cost and other properties, but most important of all it actually does some thing! There are defined rules and really cool balance and slew of cool mechanics . Yet even though my game has grown up, I still feel like a kid again playing with my lego.