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Playtest Oct 18 - Debris, Clouds and New Parts.

Oct 18, 2015

Play tests happen every Sunday at 24:00 UTC at This week I added debris, clouds and some decorative parts for ships. The maps feel more rugged now, and hopefully people will decorate their ships to be even cooler.

Decorative Parts

Tons of fun in Istrolid is just building your ships out of lego-like parts. Giving them your own style and making your ships look cool. I realize not all players will like this … why have a ton of “useless” parts? Why confuse the what ship does? But on other hand it's cool make the ships look your own. It's cool to make the ship look just right. I look forward to see what people will make.


This week I added some new stuff to the battle map generator to make the map more lively. I have added debris to give the universe history. Some long forgotten battles too place there. Its a living universe.


Next I added some gas clouds — to give the game a more standard spacey feel. Not sure if I will stick with this style… like everything else in the game it's a work in progress.

ESC — Full Screen Stuff

I made ESC key take to you full screen which is a little odd. Can you use the key right under ESC, usually “~”, to do what ESC did before. The reason for this is that by default when you are in full screen and you press ESC it takes you out of the full screen mode. Which means I could not use it for anything useful. But you can hit it by accident and take you out of full screen and it's hard to get back… so why not make it toggle fullscreen… So that's where we are at now. One other game Reprisal Universe does it that way and I kind of like it now too.