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Playtest Oct 25 - Login and account system.

Oct 25, 2015

Play tests happen every Sunday at 24:00 UTC at http://www.istrolid.comI have cleaned up a lot of internal code this week. The game might be more buggier as the result but the code internally is now much cleaner. I hope we can work out the bugs soon and fix any issues that come up.

I also added a new login system to use on the server. It uses the email-login system you an find on Medium: Then you get an email with the link:

You might still have to setup your account after this. But if its your first time you should be able to just go through, and not bother with emails. I hope this will be the case for most people. There were also a bunch of tweaks to reactors, wings and weapons. So different designs are not more viable than before.