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Playtest Sep 13 - Continuous Collision Detection

Sep 13, 2015

Play tests happen every Sunday at 24:00 UTC at

Continuous Collision Detection

For this play test I have implemented Continuous Collision Detection so that fast moving missiles will no longer pass through small or fast moving ships. This has been an ongoing problem that now has been fixed. Thanks RyMarq!

Line Move


that shows the positions of units were they will be instead of old circles that would confused people. Hopefully people will discover line move for formation drawing on their own.

Missile Trails

I have also added trails to the torpedoes and missiles. This will make them easier to see. I hope it will not be a huge performance issue. Work on particles FX will be ongoing.

Player Made AIs

Thank you for every one who submitted their AI’s to be included in game the list of AI has been really growing. Thank you for everyone who has contributed!

Chat Bugs

Chat scrolling issues where worked on. Much better now, but I am sure there would be some issues, but no more of that “can’t scroll up” and must wait for a little bit.

Play test countdown

Also I have added a little play test counter in the top right of the chat screen.

Happy play testing. As always 24:00 UTC on Sunday I hope to see you there!