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Playtest Sep 6 - Make your own AI

Sep 6, 2015

Play tests happen every Sunday at 24:00 UTC at In this play test I had added a cool new mode — where you make AI for your ships — that I want you to play with. In this mode you select rules, modify their values and order them for each ship:

This is cool for 3 reasons:

The only other game I know that had a AI Editor (called Programming) was When Two Worlds War… you probably never head of it. It was too long ago.

WHEN TWO WORLDS WAR 1993 Bug Fix: Warheads will Explode on Contact, let the warhead wars begin? Before you had to use ctrlX to explode a warhead, now just be in-range Happy play testing. As always 24:00 UTC on Sunday . I hope to see you there!