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Ranking update

Jul 29, 2016

The idea behind the new ranking system is that everyone starts at zero rank and gains rank playing on any multiplayer server, but after you reach a limit of 500 rank you need to transition to playing on competitive servers were you can also lose rank. This way everyone can see their rank grow and only lose rank if you feel up to it.

We are going to reset the ranks, but don’t worry your ranks will not be reset to zero. Instead we will use your past games to compute the rank you would have had if you played the game using the new ranking system form the start.

We are going to have both unranked 1v1 and ranked 1v1“r” servers from now on. These are King of the Hill servers, if you lose you are kicked from the match and some one else can challenge the winner. These servers also keep track of your win streak. These competitive servers allow you to gain more then 500 rank and also lose it. You can’t lose rank below 500.